October 18, 2007
I sit on the back of the A.T.V. just listening to the other conversation. Nodding my head to the statements, tying togive the right facial expresions. Like I had a clue of what everyone was speaking about; “boars and sows 200 plus pounds” I didn't care I was just there because my step dad wanted to bond. “ A whole Saturday of just us” at least thats what he told my mom. Now that where here and he hasn't spoken to me, I doubt we will bond.

We ride in a rooring caravan of A.T.V.s. The poor dogs having to run along side us, noses
pointed straight to the ground. Searching for some mystical sent that would get them home. The dew
from the grass made there body wet so when they would stop cold chills would travel the length of there backs stiffing there hairs.

We started on the power line before the sun had ever risen over the pines. One by one we crossed the river twice and faught are way through a thick-it after thick-it. “The dogs are on the trail” everyone would tell me thinking I knew what that was we where looking for truly.

The caravan followed dogs through a wooded area. Where the fog of the morning was still hovering the ground. The trees where massive in size without branches till heights well over 30 feet.”devils walking sticks” as they called them were scattered through out. no more that 10 feet tall and a half dollar in diameter with thorns of an inch or more covering them. I was admiring them when i saw it for the first time. It was black as the darkest night. with its eyes a blood red and tusks protruding from its mouth. covered in a reddish liquid i did not want to know from. It was running in a circle around us as if hoping to fest on us all. my step dad stepped off the 4-wheeler and everyone watched in amazement as the dogs would run up close barking and not getting hurt. Are dog Dixie sat nest to me anxiously watching both my step dad and the animal waiting for the call. Once it was given my heart stopped as she jumped from the 4-wheeler straight for the pig at full speed. hitting it with extreme force and putting it to the ground with such ease. she held it down by the neck. her power full jaws clenched tight. the men all walked slowly over my stepfather holding Dixie two others holding the pig. They tied it up and we go along back to the jeep Dixie by my side. Blood dripping from the corners of her mouth.

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