October 18, 2007
By Anonymous

I think I understand what “airhead” means. I’m typing history notes when my mind goes blank. Not “concentration blank”, I’m still typing but not consciously thinking. My toes can wiggle but eyelids are stapled into place for another minute and half. My mouse is blinking too fast; I can’t quite seem to process the movement.
I blink twice and catch back up with 11:46 pm. Bob Dylan’s Like a Rolling Stone has started playing on my computer for the third time in a row. I move over to unfreeze it and knock over a bottle of Pepsi in the process. The soda spills over the vector graph I had been printing. I haven’t done math homework yet.
I start to wipe up the spill while Bob Dylan flips back up for another round.
My fingers aren’t working quite properly and the wet slosh is stinging like sour tomato sauce. I stop saving my papers, letting the soda run over them. Liquid paces so fast. I blink for another second and try to count today’s date. It’s 12 minutes from Wednesday.

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