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June 8, 2011
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The Kickflip is a trick that every skateboarder needs to know in order to
become truly good at skateboarding. It involves the board flipping around
counterclockwise if you ride Regular, and clockwise if you ride Goofy. This trick
helps you with most tricks you will do in the future, including varial kickflips, 360
flips, double kickflips and more. And trust me, this trick will really help you stand
out from the rest of the crowd if you can get it down.

Step 1:
Place your feet like an ollie, with the difference of that your front foot is
angled more and that your front foot is also hanging over the side more.

Step 2:
Once you have the
right foot placement, you
need to know the right
spot to flick your foot after
you pop the tail of the
board. In the picture
above, the arrow is where
you need to flick your front
foot, which is right about where the conclave is. Right as you flick, you also want
to pop the board like its an ollie and jump as high as you can while staying over
the deck.

Step 3:
The landing is most definitely the hardest part about this trick. You will
definately have trouble getting this down at first. First getting the flick will be hard
to get down and then the landing, but it will all come with practice over a while.
Keep trying and you will get it down.

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