Who Am I Without Him

June 2, 2011
By LoveVanity BRONZE, Bowie, Maryland
LoveVanity BRONZE, Bowie, Maryland
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The Book Titled Who Am I Without Him is a very truth speaking book. It is about teenage girls and the boys in their lives that they let take over. In this book there are a variety of stories in which young women tell what goes on in their lives with the men who they think are the ones. The lesson taught in this book is that no matter how much you love a person they don’t always necessarily feel the same way. At the end of the book there is a chapter called “A Letter Too My Daughter “. In this letter there is a lot of advice that many young women today can abide by. The letter is from a man who has not been in his daughters life for many years and just wants to make it up for her. He doesn’t want her to fall under the tracks he use to put girls in when he was younger, so he gives her advice on how to be a productive young lady and the men that would go just great for her. Two pieces of advice that were true about teenage boys were 1.”Boys are not girls , they don’t want to know how you feel “ and “Boys just want to get what they can and when he does its not just between the two of you , but you, him, and his friends”.

I would recommend this book to teenage girls who are boy crazy and need to know that there are other men out there that can treat them ten times better and that will love them unconditionally , you just have to wait and give love time and good things will come your way.

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