May 20, 2011
Music is medicine for the soul. Something that could cure the loneliest heart, the only thing everyone could agree on. Music is life. Rhythm lies in our everyday routines yet no one seems to notice. Without music, our lives would be a bland and grey one. From country to classical, music captures the attention of any listener. No one can deny the fact that they sing in the shower, who doesn't? Shows like the Voice and American Idol wake up the musician in everyone. Life with music is what it's all about. Music writes the story of lives, even countries! It changes major events and even helps save lives. And to the artists who compose this beautiful art that we absorb: kudos. Without the talent that God has blessed them with, we wouldn't be able to function. Music is the wind in the leaves, the cars rushing across the street, the cars rushing across the street, the rushing water of a small creek. Music is really everywhere. Music is life.

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