May 23, 2011
If a man dissents he soon causes dissention and it is like cancer it soon infects people close by and soon the whole body is deadly.
Anything that inhibits discussion or constrains different viewpoints is bad for society because it puts a stress of rejection on it and rejection, I believe, is the biggest drive for change. Inhibiting the accepted practices is also the biggest motivator for dissent, which tears a nation apart. As history shows in Hitler, Stalin and Mao’s totalitarianism regimes a complete intolerance for disagreement is completely unhealthy as well. The intolerance soon led to dissent in the form of an uprising in these cases. This was also seen in history in England dealing with religion. The king was not very tolerant of any other ideas so after the pilgrims tried to disagree and were not allowed they reverted to dissension. With no tolerance for disagreement, dissent is inevitable. A balance is necessary for success; the society must tolerate diversity so disagreement does not cross the line into dissent.

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