February 28, 2008
By Chelsea Soto, New York, NY

I want you to know that I love you more than anything and I've loved a lot of things but never anyone who makes me do the things you make me do
I do things like stay up all night and look outside my window just to somehow get the view that I get when I look into your eyes, because when I look into your eyes
I die
And as corny as that sounds, it's true because I really can't handle it
Because what happens in your eyes is AMAZING
Things like...planets forming, life growing, love living
And I want the love that lives in your eyes to be the same love that I feel inside
Because your eyes are the only things great enough to withstand that great love that I habor for you
I do things like...wake up early in the morning
And I see the sunshine and it shines bright like your smile
But your smile isn't bright like the sunlight or the moonlight or like anything nature can create
Your smile is bright like the light in my heart that appeared when I met you...because when I met you I was DONE.
And all I'm doing here is trying to justify my love because you deserve a justified type love not a fake type love that they'll say all the time just to hear it
You desereve a real type love that I'll be with you all the time just to feel it
Because all I have to do is be in your prescence.
Because when I'm in your prescence I need no presents
And yeah that was me just trying to rhyme because you leave me SPEEHCLESS
Like I am in your prescence...but you don't complete me
No I'm not yet that worthy you can never complete me
But you fill me and I'm overflowing with this great love and deep compassion for you.
And I don't even care if you don't feel this way too
Because as long as I know you
That is enough
To have someone like you in my life is enough
You represent so many great things
And after you I don't even hate things anymore
You've shown me how to love
Love you, love me, love my family, and my enemies and my friends
You showed me what it's like to love and be loved
And that's the greatest lesson I've ever been taught
And I ain't need school for it
All I needed was you for it
So now I take this opprotunity to thank you
Thank you for making me so much better
So now that even if we do end which I hope never happens
I'll be more prepared to be led into the next thing that doesn't
I also want to apologize for everytime I was jealous and said things I didn't mean
I'm just tired of fellas sayin things they don't mean, thinkin that you'll get into it
These fellas should get to know you before they try and get intimate
You deserve more than someone just tryna wife you need someone who'll give their life for you
Someone who will spend days just tryna get your name and when gets your name spend weeks just tryna get your number
And when he has your number call you late at night but not for that sexual kinda phone call, but that intellectual kinda of phone call
Where he calls you just to find out the little random things about you like
What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
What's your favorite day of the week?
On which side of the bed do you sleep?
Are you a night person or a morning person?
Are you a call me or i'll call you person?
Are you the right person or the wrong person?
But to be honest I don't think you're the wrong person for anybody
I just think everybody's the wrong person for you
Except I'm hoping me
Because somehow I got lucky enough to be stuck with you
But not stuck in that I'm mad about it, stuck in that I'm happy about it
Stuck like I don't wanna go back in time cos you wasn't there back then and I don't wanna move on in my life because I'm not sure if you'll be there
But whatever I did to have you I'll do it over and over again for lifetimes it just means that with you I can spend my own time
All I have to do is wake up next to you and I'm happy
I don't even need a fufilling career
I can go to work mad everyday and come back happy everday because I get to come home to someone who radiates intelligence and grace
And I can recipricate that same kind of intelligence, but not the grace, cos sorry baby I'm kinda clumsy
But not with my words
When I say say something I mean something when I mean something I say something
Whether it be through similes, metaphors or retarded imagery that really doesn't make sense at the time
But it all means the same thing...I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU
But whatever happens in the future I'm not one to say
But what I can say is that I hope one day if not with me you get to write a poem just like this about how much someone means
To be truthful this poem doesn't even begin to describe what I feel for you
What I feel for you is inexcliable
In any kind of language
Just cos I'm so damn speechless
And any speeches, words, phrases or thoughts
Just wouldn't really do justice to this feeling
Because anything that has to do with you cannot be described by mere words or morals
Excluding me
You can easily describe me in four simple words:
In Love With You

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