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May 17, 2011
By abbie pinkston BRONZE, Denton, Texas
abbie pinkston BRONZE, Denton, Texas
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Self-injury is an epidemic that is spreading rapidly across the world. My heart goes out to those who are victims of physically hurting themselves. Whether its cutting, burning or any other type of painful action to their body, I feel for them. Many children, teenagers and even adults suffer from many different self-harming activities. It is how some people think is the best way to vent when they are stressed, angry or upset. Self-injury also can be a way to express self-hatred. Eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia are very dangerous to a person’s body. It has been said that injuring your body is considered as attempted suicide, but I know there are people out there that hurt themselves because they are craving attention. Those who keep it secret are normally afraid of what others will think, especially their family. I had a friend that kept it from her mom because one time she found the cuts on her thighs and she grounded her. My friend kept harming herself, but was extra careful to make sure her mom did not find out. What most people do not know is that self-injury can very likely be caused by a mental instability and that is why they keep it to themselves. Depression is the main cause of people having the urge to injure themselves, that is even a genetic trait that you receive from someone in your genetic history. It could be very dangerous even fatal for someone to keep the issues they are having inside just because they are embarrassed. If people were not so judgmental and insensitive to other people’s issues it could save a lot of lives. People need to know that you should not be ashamed of harming yourself; but that you should talk to someone you can trust and get help. I believe that self-injury should be talked about more often and openly so that it can help people deal with struggles they may be going through. I would like to join an organization that brings awareness to self-injury to the surface all around the world.

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