How is Love?

May 17, 2011
By Nikkilu BRONZE, Hull, Georgia
Nikkilu BRONZE, Hull, Georgia
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"Never, Say Never"

Have you ever thought you were in love? Do you believe in love? love is real, to some it's all they have.
Love can be a good experience or even a bad experience. Love is an amazing feeling it feels as if your flying through the sky as if nothing nor no one can stop you from accomplishing what you want.Experiences to love can change the way some look at life it could make them look at the world badly or good. every one should have the chance to experience love, some choose not to get close to others because of the experience of love or even others experience of love.if you watch some one Else have a bad experience with love it can change the way you look at love.
Do you want to experience love? Yes every one wants to experience love there just scared. Why? plenty of reasons why, some have had a bad experience with past love or seen someone with bad experience with love. others can have commitment problems, this is were the person is scared of a long term relationship or even scared to say I love you. this can also mean the person is scared to be in a relationship with out making it out like there is something wrong with the relationship.
so do you want to experience love? Yes you do.we all do.

The author's comments:
I really believe in Love even though i have had some bad experiences. so Me and this piece are hear to say be strong and don't give up on Love.

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