Music Is My Life

May 15, 2011
By Effervescent BRONZE, Gainesville, Georgia
Effervescent BRONZE, Gainesville, Georgia
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Another bad day has come and gone by. I failed a quiz, tripped up the steps, and had to put up with the imbeciles at my school all day. I need the only thing that can help. Now the only question is where are my headphones? Of course they would be at the very bottom of my bag, funny how they always end up there. Today is definitely a Goo Goo Dolls day. The first note plays and I can hear my escape calling out to me. I have been waiting for this moment all day and at long last it is here. I am gone from this bus, floating through the clouds.

It is peaceful in the clouds. John Rzeznick sings to my soul. The soft beats soothe my mind. I slip into oblivion to everything but the rhythm and lyrics of the song. The songs calm me down from my rage of being stuck at school for hours on end. The quiet music tells me that everything will be ok, that I will be ok. I listen to my music happily.
The song comes to a close and then the first chords of Viva La Vida by: Coldplay come through my headphones. The talk of kings and queens takes me back to the renaissance in Europe. The lyrics give me the strength and notion that I can do whatever I dream. The song speaks to me in a low voice about the climbs in life and about the way people try to control each other. The song ends and so does the vision of a jester trying to impress the king.
The song changes and then I am sitting under a large oak tree. It is warm and breezy. I am surrounded by roses, lilies, and honeysuckle. We the Kings sing to me about secret love. The words are sweet and they drip with the stickiness of young love. They promise acceptance from somebody for everybody. The song warms my heart, and leaves me to ponder love.
Now I am at a rave. I find my body moving like a zombie to the beat of Escape the Fate. Craig Mabbitt’s voice sings to me about pain, lust, and wanting. I find myself screaming along with the lyrics. I find my stress gone and all my worries put away, at least for a moment. I find myself at peace with the world while I am listening. I find myself happy.

My music is my life. It can calm me down, make me happy, move me to tears, or even make me realize something I have never realized before. I have been through a lot in my life and I have found that listening to music is the best thing for me to do when I feel depressed or angry. I know that there is a song for every emotion I have. I know songs that I can relate to and they can help me through all of my tough times in life. It also makes all of my good times great times. The music I listen to expresses my personality and my life. I have a genre for every mood.
I cannot imagine my life without music, I would probably go crazy. I could not live without my music. My music has helped me through my parent’s divorce, depression, moving in with my aunt, sadness, drama, break ups, and many, many other things. I would not be who I am today without my music. I love my music. It is my life, always has been, always will be.

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