November 11, 2007
The sound of a shattering glass is enough to make a deaf person cringe. It send shockwave through the house alarming every one. Unfortunately, I was the first at the scene and stood over a three hundred dollar Victorian British vase which was broken into small abstract pieces small enough to be a puzzle fanatic dream. My parents ran to the crime scene and immediately saw me standing over a rubble of misunderstanding. The anger in the eyes of my mother on this day was that of a starving lion stalking its prey. I immediately denied having any involvement but the words “you’re lying again” was all I heard from my enraged mother.

The wind was to blame, besides the window was wide open. While receiving my punishment I began to reflect. I spend the remainder of the day inside a room hot enough to make the devil sweat. Inside looking out the window, where friends were busy climbing trees, playing soccer and shooting slingshot I swore that I wouldn’t lie again. My excessive lying had finally caught up to me. It caused my mother to lose trust in me. Like the boy who called wolf I was trapped in my own lies.

I learned the important of honesty on that day. I learned that lying can change the image of a person and that lying once can cause someone to disbelieve anything you say after. Even in times of desperation I remain honest to my parents especially as to my mother. I built a level of trust between them through honesty that surpasses the average teen. Honesty is important in society and we should always remain honest in whatever circumstances.

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