On Stage

November 8, 2007
The day I walked onto the stage, the lights were dim; the floor was shiny, without a scratch in place. As I walked on the left side of the stage there was parts of props and wooden doors that felt so brand new just waiting for me to put them to use, on one side of the stage There was nothing, but space and room for me to walk around Enough space to say and do almost anything I wanted to.

I saw empty empty, empty, empty seats they were all the color brown, the carpet was dirty but it meant nothing to me nothing at all. All of a sudden the lights came up and the spot light was on me they were bright for the audience but there was no audience. I thought to myself where are the people? My show is about to start. Was there a show? I had planned to take center stage as they do in the real plays on Broadway. This was a place that I was deeply connected to.

There was no other place in the whole world I wanted to be, besides the stage. My mother said that one day she took me to see a play and I didn’t want to leave. I remember screaming and holler when the play was over, that’s only because I wanted the people to come out and do what they called acting. The people on stage were so good. I was only about seven, a short seven, but I was a smart seven. When people asked me
“What’s your favorite place to go?”
My only reply was
That’s all gave me a puzzle look as to say “
Are you crazy?”
Whenever I started high school I found myself on stage more than ever. I’d go right before my classes in the morning just to walk on stage and look out there at the empty seats. With my chest stuck out, like a black gorilla I’d say
“I’m a born star!
As the words bounced off the front and back wall I listened then once it stopped I’d leave like nothing ever happened proceeding to my destination. Just that one minute bonding with my special place made me happy. It turned my frown into a smile my tears into laughter. It tickled my heart and soul to be under the lights in the auditorium.

See along time ago nothing made me happy a lot of people have there football field their room are maybe even there own backyard but me I have my stage. When I feel pain I can go their just to relax. I was always taught that you should be quiet and only speech when spoken to not to draw to much attention to yourself because you never want to hog up the spotlight. To me that isn’t true because people all have their own preferences.
For some reason this might sound crazy but when I’m on stage I can breathe better, I can think better and most of all while I’m in my special place no one can take it away from me.
Yesterday I walk in the auditorium there was a smell of stage paint. When the curtains went up swiftly and rapidly I only said four words,

“I’m a born star!”
But there was no echo, and the seats were filled with people.

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