Benefits of a Desktop vs. Laptop

November 7, 2007
By Philip chen, Roslyn, NY

There are two main types of computers used currently today, laptops and desktops. Although they are commonly debated about for the superior model, they both have certain advantages and disadvantages that lead to a person either choosing one or the other. Although there are many vital aspects of both the desktop and the laptop some people tend to look only for the main things, such as speed, cost or just on plain efficiency.

Computer efficiency is widely comparably not only due to the different manufacturers, but whether if its a laptop or desktop. Efficiency would most likely be the amount of time it would take to process a certain action. Most would agree that a computer would easily over-speed a laptop due to the plain size of hardware. The size of the desktop alone allows more hardware to be put inside; this would most likely make the computer faster due to the fact that it would have more memory and space to make actions faster. If the computer were to have less space it would take an extended period of time because the computer can only hold a certain amount of memory at a time while performing actions. The desktops also have bigger monitors so it would be easier to see. Desktops are also usually cheaper then laptops, which in some cases cost two times as much for the same efficiency.

This might seem nice although there are many disadvantages to having a desktop. Desktops may be faster and have a nicer monitor, but while it is larger, it would also be heavier; therefore harder to move. Size may not only lead to heaviness but it also would be harder to find a space to put the computer. Dealing with the basics of a desktop also means tons and tons of wires and cords, including plugs. Desktops have many wires for the monitor, printer, power and the basic necessities. This would be annoying or irritating for a small or compact space. Unlike laptops desktops can only have wire-internet, which means it can’t connect wirelessly. This becomes very useless when portability is dire, due to the fact that there might be a problem in the place where you cant use the computer and wont be able to move it.

Laptops have many positive features, such as portability. When it comes to having a computer, portability becomes very important and useful in many situations. If one where to own a business, or just travel, it would be nice to have a light weight laptop with you. Laptops have another main feature to the portability. Wireless internet connections are convenient when on the go, and they are becoming more and more seen among regular places.

Laptops, which are just like desktops, also have there own set of disadvantages. They are more expensive than regular desktops. A regular laptop may cost as much as two times as much or not more. Laptops are known to be slower and heat up faster than desktops. It would also be harder to repair your laptop due to the fact that for maximum repair it would be necessary to send it to the factory.

The laptop and desktop both have there nifty advantages and there disappointing disadvantages but its up to the individual to see which one he/she prefers. This Is usually the case but there are different producers for both such as Dell, inspiron. Mac, and more.

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