My Life Through Pictures

November 2, 2007
By Taylor Kelley, Overland Park, KS

The camera goes "snap", as I take just another picture. Something that I love to do is to take pictures of anything and everything. It’s something that I have enjoyed for a long time. During high school and summer I enrolled in a number of photo classes. This year I am on yearbook staff as a photographer. My senior year will allow me to get more experience in photography.

One of my friends’ mother takes pictures of everything. Most of my friend’s think she can be really annoying when she takes pictures, while we hanging out together. But, I am just like her. My camera is usually in my hand whenever my friends and family get together. I take pictures just because that’s something I love doing. Not only do I enjoy taking pictures, but also capturing the moment could be the best part. Whenever my friends and family are with me or if I go to church or on a mission trip, I carry around my camera. A photo allows me to remember that specific moment in my life and know that I can look back at those pictures and think about the old memories. Taking pictures can be one way for me to show people the great times that I enjoyed during my life.

As a little girl, my parents took pictures but their camera was not as good of camera’s as we use now. When I look back at them the quality isn’t really there. There are not as many clear pictures to choose from. Digital cameras now allow us to take such perfect pictures.

Pictures mean very much to me and so I try to take as many pictures as I can. Not only do I like to take pictures of people, but I also like to take pictures of nature and scenery. Just like capturing the moment with my friends, I like capturing the moment of sunsets and the beautiful nature scenes I see through out my life.

Picture taking allows me to be able to do something that I love and that makes me happy. Even though I might be the annoying one that makes people take pictures; I will always be able to remember those memories.

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