An Experience like A Strum

November 1, 2007
As a younger man I found six strings. I plucked a note. Then, another note. Eventually, I got a chord. Ever since then, I’ve been strumming away. Music changes lives. For example, when I was little, my father fiddled on the drums. On Saturdays, he went to our neighbor’s house who rocks guitar. After that I knew the guitar was my instrument.

When I attained my first guitar, I was ecstatic the day was Christmas. Once I picked that six string up, it was apart of my body and apart of my soul. When I started out I wasn’t great, but you got to start somewhere and I got better and better. The guitar represents a powerful instrument, changing the feel of a song might make someone cry, be angry, happy, and even scared.
When I play, I hear strength, power, tragedy, and betrayal all warped together in one power chord. Usually when a person chooses a guitar they also write songs. A song really represents a story there’s an intro (fast or slow), middle, and changes throughout the end. In every song there’s a message.
Have you ever listened to a song without the guitar? Probably not, that’s because the guitars roots date back to 40 A.D. Guitar, the most important instrument in music?
Further more the guitar and music made a dramatic impact on my life for the better. That’s why they’re one of the most important things in my life. Remember everyone’s got something to say.

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