Committed to the Big Screen

November 1, 2007
To enter into the loud mess of people at seven o’clock on a cool evening in October, to put my feet on the sticky concrete floor, to smell the fresh buttery aroma and navigate my way, hands in my popcorn, through the crowded theater, that makes my life complete.
Movies come to life at the movie theater. My life revolves around the theater. I spend countless hours there every week. In fact, I sometimes give more of my time to the theater than I do to my own home. For five years, I forced my friends to go to the movies with me every Friday night since the seventh grade. I don’t think they enjoyed watching them as much as I did, but my enthusiasm made up for their lack of. I refused to arrive at the theater later than six, even if the film did not start till eight.
People who try looking for me at the theater might sometimes need to search somewhere else, my room for example. My passion, visible on every surface of my room, creates the most superb environment for an avid movie-goer like me. Posters plastered on the walls, hats and autographs on the furniture, and movie magazines on the floor describe some of the ways I display the memorabilia that I accumulated over the years. However, I love nothing more than my DVD collection. They take up an entire wall in my room, well almost. My collection contains every different type of movie the directors of Hollywood can imagine. My DVD total adds up to 388 and still going. A few days ago, their usual storing place reached full capacity. For now, I say goodbye to my CD’s and use their area for my DVDs.
I know that I will continue my passion for films because they constantly change and new once keep traveling to theaters. I assume sadness will over come me when DVDs go out of style and a new high-tech disk becomes in. I still will buy DVDs until I cannot find them anymore and my love for movies, I hope, will flourish on for the rest of my life.

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