The Drummer Boy

November 1, 2007
By Ian Slobin, Overland Park, KS

Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to become a professional drummer. As soon as I could hold a pair of drum sticks, I played, banged my drums, listened, practiced and played on my Little Tikes, making much noise in my basement. I discovered pots and pans to play on that would make my whole family go crazy. What made me want to become a drummer was my father. He played for rock bands all over New York, and made big money playing in wedding bands with my grandpa.

Oh man, I wanted to follow in his foot steps and play like him. I thought he had to be the coolest dad ever, jamming shows at local hot spots around the city. Watching him play live concerts always excited me. Back at home, he had a giant, ruby red, Yamaha concert series drum set. I can remember going downstairs to listen to him, and I'd try to jam with him on my starter set.

Becoming older, my dad taught drum lessons to kids around town. The coolest thing was when he let me tag along with him. Watching my dad teach his profession, I soon figured that I wanted to play just like him. I told myself I'd strive to become talented in percussion and soon teach lessons of my own. Listening to my father play made me think that playing drums for a living is by far the coolest profession alive. So if I wanted to pursue this dream, I'd have to practice.

For awhile my dad was my instructor. He taught me basically everything there is to know about the drums. There's one practice that I dreaded to play every day as my dad intended me to do, called rudiments. Now rudiments are played mostly on the snare drum, to make a better all around drummer. One rudiment that would always frustrate me was called the "paradiddle." For example one would play, right-right-left-left-right, and then switch hands, left-left-right-right-left.

When I started to play the drums and my rudiments, I soon progressed to playing along with music. I will never forget the first song I ever played on the drums, "Woo-Hoo!" by Blur. I could not believe it at the time, that I actually learned a whole song. My dad was proud. I had to show all my friends. "Hey you hear this song! I can play that on the drums!" But of course they were not too interested at the time, having Xbox to play instead of a musical instrument.

So, I have a real passion for drums. To this day, I'm still on the look out for musicians. I even put out flyers at the local guitar stores, hoping I will get a call from a big time band. Also, if you are reading this, and play any sort of instrument, CALL ME! Finally, I hope to pass on the drummer's talent to someone in my family someday. Hope that they will grow up as I did, idolizing their father because of his amazing talent, and willingness to work hard at what they love.

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