Why Do Fools Fall in Love?

February 15, 2008
Why do fools fall in love? This may be the most logical question ever asked. Lately I have found myself asking this question over and over. Why do fools fall in love and why am I so afraid to be a fool?
You have declared yourself a fool for my sake. Why are you so brave? Why am I not brave - why do I not do the same? Can I honestly bring myself to whisper those three words, “I love you?” Why do you insist on waiting for my answer? I am afraid but what am I afraid of?
I am afraid of love. Love is a weapon used by the mighty Aphrodite to bring the weak to their knees. Only the strong will survive. I hide away fearing the day that the powerful spears of this immortal being will pierce my feeble heart and render me helpless. I had once had a close encounter with one of these spears. It slightly punctured the epidermis; however, was powerful enough to keep me in a daze for days and weeks on end.
Foremost, the reason of me being afraid of love is its powerful side effects. Like a drug, it has painful consequences. The slow painful feeling of your heart disintegrating within minutes brings me to tears. I pity those fools who look for love and chase after their soul mates. However, I am the main one that toys with these fools who dare declare their love for me. Nonetheless, I can’t help but to wonder if they pity me for I have not felt the joy of being loved.
Someone great once said; “It is best to have loved and lost than to have not loved at all.” I fear change, therefore I fear love. I will protect my heart and ignore the urges to change. I do not need to change. But I ask myself if this is so, why have I written this.

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