The Sadness in Their Lives

June 11, 2011
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Its was the summer of 1997 we had just arrived in the poor grounds of Africa.Even if we had only been their two minutes the streets were flooded with the sad faces of the children. They were strange. All i could see was their ribs an bones. They bearly had any descent cloths not to mention they didn't even have shoes. Their soles were all dried out and pale. Then there was there glum expresSions. They had lost everything there wasn't one thing in that atmisphere that would make them happy. This Si what our world had come too. Poverty in may countries and others flooded with money in which all you could care about was spending. Then I went up to one of them and handed them a piece of bead and a glass of water and you cant even begin to imagine that huge smile that spread across their faces. And that people is how you help the world one step t a time even if it takes years.

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