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May 29, 2011
By Karlaemilie GOLD, DPO AA, Florida
Karlaemilie GOLD, DPO AA, Florida
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Each day the sun rises, a child's born, a grave weeps and coffee spills. She tries to be ocean deep but she just comes off as pretty. Lonely and lovely just a letter apart. Bridges that can only dream of reaching. She listens to So Sick.
Philosophy contradictory to everything that matters. 72 hours and 86 thoughts. Eyes that are white and ticking clocks. It's a race and she'd kill to win it but it's corrupt. A flashback and a scar so she'll never forget. The galaxy in a bowl, in their hands. Overkill in overtime, falling over. A pack of lies, it's unethical but they all feel it's right. Glitter glue and messenger bags and records: what is wrong with these routines we keep on coming back to? Let me run to you before I lose my mind and the memories of past years shatter. Battered with wings and sunlight in denial. Fairytales won't save you. Apocalypses, scriptures and conspiracies, what does it mean? Why am I here? There to fill the gap where honesty had failed. Flavors of forgiveness, bittersweet. Jump in; what is it worth if you can't say freedom? A kiss the initial spark of the journey. Mothers and daughters hidden. Suffering is manditory, why not? Windows and curiosities. Ice. I'm afraid for you. It's more about the strength of love and less about the hurt of loss. Pain is overrated. I miss you. I have less than sixty days and the nights are long. Peace seems to be unreachable. I'd rather stand alone on a mountain than wander in the valley with the bloodshed and the ignorance. Sharpies and mudpies; I think of you. Cherry coke, move ahead. Head East. Fortune lies West. Home videos, what's next? I can't take this anymore; all that happened can't ever rest. Help me, save me; I can see the birds. Christmas lights and fairy lights, traffic lights and taxicabs. I love New York. But I dream of Fez. I need you. Pointless as I know it is, I can't stop, won't stop till I run out. Just a leaf on the tree and it falls. Are they coming with us? Will they avenge us? Is the possibility of him what haunts you? Structure and stability are too much. Society was always a mistake. Close your eyes. Progress and my heartbeat, what is this to you? A butterfly knows better and teh sunset knows best. Names mean nothing. Bricks topple down, tumble over. Cry, cry, cry. 'Till you lose yourself. He's smart; it's wrong. Sore eyes. Roadtrip to Heaven, Las Vegas, whatever. Beauty Queen, we all see you're just a child. And what makes you think winter is the only season? And sorrow is the only thing worth living for? Either listen to angels or listen to fate, either way I don't know where I'm going. If you let it all go-it's what they say. And those who walk proud and speak loud may know little but I envy them. Blue skies sweep in but my heart remains gray. Forget me. I can't believe this. It's a conference and the whole room is full of empty heads and flaws stained with prejudice. They only had eyes for you and anything that collapsed within itself. Eyes are heartless and they lie, they lie. They've lied 47 times but they're beautiful. The cops have all fallen in love and are so blind. Jealousy is crazy and the damage is worse. Wake up. The world has got to give up before the sun spins and falls. It's perfect.

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