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June 2, 2011
By katkinson15 BRONZE, Park City, Utah
katkinson15 BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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At which age did your first experience with bullying come in to play? For me it was in first grade. “The effect of violence is every where.” From school to home, to a friends house or in a park there will be violence. Everyone has been bullied in their life wether it be from getting hit or just being insulted. You also can’t say you have never bullied anyone before wether it be so little as a word it still may hurt that person. There is no escape from bulling it is in our every day lives.

Have you ever heard about a bad incidence in schools, such as shootings, death or severe injuries. Well, most these things all happen because of depression from bullying, it is a sign, from kids to adults that have been pushed way to far by their peers. Bullying can cause this, it is a sad thing to see people shoot other people because there are tortured, hit and assaulted. It is sad because most of the kids doing the bullying were bullied or treated bad before, so they think they have to take it out on some one else. I have to say Violence is not the answer.

Many bad things happen because of bulling or mistreatment. Kids become iceolated and don’t talk about their feelings to their parents, or start taking drugs to ease the pain. Where adults may start consuming more and more alcohol to get their mind of things. This is where bad things at home start to happen, kids talk back to their parents and blame it on them. Where adults might hit or abuse their children. A family is divided because of bullying and mistreatment by their many peers.

Violence, bullying in schools go much way to far sometimes, the hate might travel with you to your friends and iceolate you. or may go to your family and completely destroy them. Putting you farther and farther away from any help you have until you snap and lose your self. Many school shootings come from getting bullied it destroys the school even the town. Violence is is the ending of happiness everywhere.

Bullying is in our everyday lives, but we can stop that! If we just support our friends and family members. Stand up to the nasty bullying in our every day life. I know I have been bullied before and I will admit I have done the bulling I am ashamed and want to help instead of hurt. It would be wonderful without bullying that probably wont happen but think about it a world with no hate among friends and neighbors doesn’t that sound like heaven it does to me.

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