Response to Langston Hughes

May 26, 2011
By Ashley Castro SILVER, Lemon Grove, California
Ashley Castro SILVER, Lemon Grove, California
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The thought of copying yet ironically he said “let that page come out of you—then it will be true.” I am a girl… not fulfilling my true race but still being who I truly am. I grew up in a world that was self absorbed. Who you? Not you. Me… Me. Me. Me. To who I inform you was not who I came to be. I am a well rounded, worldly girl who is intrigued by abnormal things. I maybe easy to read but underneath it all no one really knows how this girl sees. Quite yet fully spoken. Genuine yet cautiously caring are all traits that fill me. I like spontaneous moments, being alone, heartfelt letters; I latch on to realizations, answers, beliefs, dreams, and all life offers. I live for the American dream, the pursuit of happiness, knowing my glory days will come. Being me of course is not like being you. But fortunately in place we are native to, we do.

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