our mind is a handbag

May 25, 2011
By Anonymous

Our mind is a handbag…
A comparison that all woman should understand!

Our mind is a handbag. Well, not entirely so, but its still one of the most fitting statements that can be made in comparison to the mind. So let’s do some cleaning and rummaging through our “handbags”, shall we? When you look into your handbag, the first things that are right at the top, is everything that is needed and is recent. The reason it’s there? Either you just bought something and you shoved it in or you require it for some reason? Just the same, everything in the forefront of our mind, and is most important is what we think about first. All the credit card bills, the rent, what’s on the menu for dinner… this are things that are urgently important and are in need of immediate response. If your “handbag” is neat and tidy, then life and organizing it would be much simpler! An untidy handbag just makes more chaos and takes up too much of time that you don’t have in this fast-paced, ever-moving world. Compartments help organize your handbag, so you should too. Compartmentalize your life! For god’s sake, you can’t just throw everything together! Put different things (that have nothing to do with each other), away from each other. So if the spheres don’t touch, DON’T MOVE THEM! It does nothing but complicate ones life! So go for the latter, don’t keep things that are not important in the top of your handbag, it just does absolute crap to your already hectic life!

If we delve a little deeper, you will find all that’s not entirely relevant, but gives you a few laughs and tears when you pull them out and remember how they ended up in this bag. These are the emotions that we experience when strange little things happen. Emotions, although always there, are not the most important things in our lives as we don’t need to concentrate on them. They are instinctive. Their always there, working in the background, but never the focus of our attention. Even though these things in our handbags can make it messy, we could never just throw them away! But if we learn to control and neaten them, then we don’t have to worry about them. Put them somewhere were they cant be seen, but never forget them. They make you who you are. Your personality and characteristics all stem from your emotions, but it does no good to wear your heart on your sleeve. Rather be in control, so that life doesn’t become too messy. But if once in a while, you find something that is not all that relevant at the top of your bag, don’t fret. You’re only human. But don’t let it happen all the time. Push it where it belongs, and leave it there.

Now some people just keep pushing more and more stuff into their handbag. Forget untidy, it’s a downright mess. They just keep adding as they have no time to organize. “As long as it’s in there, I’m fine!” No, not really. If you keep pushing more in, eventually your handbag’s going to be turned upside-down. Everything in a complete mess… can’t seem to find what you’re looking for. And sometimes it’s not even in there, as you forgot to put it in because your bag was too full. No matter what bag you have… whether it’s the limited edition Louis Vuitton or something you paid five bucks for… eventually their all going to get full. In this same regard, we all have limits. We can’t keep pushing ourselves to achieve what we know is beyond us. We become so befuddled by our mess that we can’t even think straight. Our thoughts run amok, our emotions are everywhere! How are you expected to concentrate with all that crap happening in your mind? We have to realize that we just can’t accomplish it all. No matter how significant and relevant you want to be, you have to draw a line!

Remember, a clean and tidy handbag is going to last you a long time. If properly cared for, your handbag should be strong until it’s the time for it to fall apart. But the more you add into a handbag, the more weight you put onto it… and eventually, sooner rather than later, it’s going to snap! It will be too late to regret it then. So always keep those handbags organized!!!

The author's comments:
this is a comparison that people should understand! our mind is the cornucopia of our lives.

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