Case number 00048962

May 25, 2011
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Overview:: Case number 00048962 was a very tough case. The orphan’s name is Coolie Young. He was 15 when we met, and I can tell by the way he acted towards me that he has lost trust in everybody that has got close, or has tried to get close. Before I got to Penny Orphanage Coolie was making straight F’s on his report card. Six months after my presence he was making A’s and B’s and have received recommendations to Advanced Placement and Honors Classes. It wasn’t that he was dumb at all; he is actually smart he just didn’t want to focus on work because of the stress he was holding on to in the pass.
Coolie was sent to the orphanage at the age of 13 because he had no parents or willing guardians to take care of him. His mother Sasha Young was killed by Coolie’s father Tyson Harris. Tyson and Coolie were pretty close; they would go fishing on weekends, and would even have a father son dinner from time to time. So when his mother was killed by his father it devastated him and he promised himself to never trust again. Sasha was brutally stabbed to death and burned in a car, three hours after her death Tyson shot his self in the head.
Physical Description:: Coolie is around 5 feet 8 inches. He has long wavy hair, and an eyebrow piercing. He recently received a tattoo that has a picture of a devil and fire, which I believe symbolizes his father and the way he killed his mother. He is African American and very muscular for his age.
Just last year He wouldn’t speak much he would only answers you with a “yes” or “no” answer. Whenever we talked about his mother or father, he stops looking in my eyes then turn around, or even runaway. The other orphans at the orphanage tried to befriend him, but he didn’t budge. Coolie doesn’t speak at school or asks for any help. At first he was horrible in school but now he makes good grades. Things were beginning to look very abnormal, because he’s making good grades, but yet is so isolated. Counseling isn’t helping his situation at all.
Social Development:: Another year has gone by now!!! Coolie and I have made tremendous progress. We finally had a full conversation. He talks about wanting to grow up and be an architect. Then we discussed about the tragic death of his parents. He says to me “I’m not going to waste another day on what should’ve been instead of what I can make happen”, “I have to get out of this orphanage and make something of myself and be a better man than my father portrayed himself to be.” He’s even made a new friend by the name of Tony Hernandez. He’s a Mexican boy around Coolie’s age. He is here for the same thing Coolie is, except Tony’s mother killed his father and she has the death penalty. So relatively they have things in common. I walked passed them the other day and they were laughing and smiling together. Coolie also asked me if I could take them to the baseball field so they can play catch.

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