Euthanasia and How it Can Help

May 25, 2011
By CAtlan SILVER, Marietta, Georgia
CAtlan SILVER, Marietta, Georgia
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In 1984, the Dutch Supreme Court declared euthanasia to be legal. The people of this country wanted their loved ones to not suffer, so why not use euthanasia? I really agree with this process. Who wouldn’t? First, to begin with euthanasia is when a doctor assists a patient by giving them a drug to end the patient’s life in a peaceful way. I know you say that euthanasia is horrible and to end someone’s life that way, but think about this: Do you want a loved one to live the remaining amount of time left in their lives in torment? How would you feel to be lying in a hospital bed for more than a month? Everyday, that person is hopeless of survival. Euthanasia is really helpful for those who really care for others. If a person really cared they would use euthanasia as a method for loved ones to have peace.

To begin with euthanasia relieves unnecessary amounts of pain. You don’t want to have to be living in the pain everyday. I wouldn’t want to be in that situation either, so why loved ones and not you. How would they feel about it? As Rowan Williams said, “I am certainly not ascribing to the defenders of euthanasia or assisted dying of any motive but the desire to spare a person’s unnecessary suffering.” Euthanasia should be used and this is one of the reasons why. Also, euthanasia can help free up medical funds. It can help medical funds because all that money paid for medical bills going to waste when your family member is going to pass away eventually. It may seem cruel, but hard times are taking over. Many people are being evicted by land lords, losing their jobs and can’t even pay for food. Euthanasia is harsh and painful to family and friends, but it can be helpful and maybe save someone’s life.

Think back as a baby, when you were dependant, helpless, and needed your parent. That is how people today are living with diseases or cancer. They are in vegetable stages. They can’t fend for themselves, or they are alone with no one with them who cares. For example: newborns, the weak, or the poor who don’t have enough money to pay doctors for help. Even though, medicines can stop the pain it can only do so much that it can cure some but not all diseases or cancers. Euthanasia is the only thing that can help. What happens is the family member can have a peaceful death. Also, the family will get to say good bye to that person instead of it being a shock to them and there is more aches than there should be. In other words, euthanasia can stop the horror that people go through that isn’t worth the stress when they are going to die in 2-3 months.

Another thing to call attention to is that most people would have their pets put down when nothing more could be done for them or if they are too old. Also, if the pet was suffering then this would be considered kindness. If pets can be given this kindness, then can’t humans be given kindness, too? Humans deserve the same treatment to have a quiet and calm death, not an outrageous and blood curdling one. If pets can be treated with kindness by people, then how come humans can’t be treated the same way. Lastly, to highlight my point about euthanasia being good is people should be able to make their own decisions about their life and how they are going to live or die. People shouldn’t have to make choices for others. Decisions can be made by relatives if things are difficult for the patient to do, but if the patient wants to die using euthanasia then that’s their choice. People say the mercy killing is incorrect and should be forbidden by law. They say it’s a slaughter to be murdering another human and cannot be capable under any situation.
In conclusion, I predict that euthanasia, one day, will spread
throughout the world and be used by people. Not everyone will agree to this and that’s why people need the inspiration to vote for euthanasia. Do you think euthanasia is good or bad for people? I say that euthanasia is our future and I never can stress that enough times. Euthanasia is what we need in the world. Imagine, the world a better place; lives being ended peacefully with no sufferance. People should have a say on how their lives are being run. They have that power for ever in them. Using euthanasia is the first towards rebuilding our country. Next is getting better jobs and so on.

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