The Little Moments

May 24, 2011
By briannaaa94 BRONZE, Warwick, Rhode Island
briannaaa94 BRONZE, Warwick, Rhode Island
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There are some moments in life we never forget. Some are they most important day of our lives, others, are insignificant…

It was nearly sun set, but the air was warm enough for shorts. Around us the crisp wind blew as we ran towards the lake that reflected the half golden, half amber sun. We ran until our bare toes met the path of the dock and began to walk towards the glass surface of the water. It was I who put my feet in the icy water first, but Braydon surely followed without hesitance. It was like a whole new game for him. He kicked the water reluctantly at first, experimenting with the rippling of the water. Then, he kicked faster and harder. The results for him were out of this world. The water jumped into the air the more he kicked his 4 inch, grass stained feet. The more his legs dipped into the water, the more he giggled. No more than a minute later, Braydon was already soaked. I recall sitting there, smiling and watching him laugh, not a care in the world. I examined his doll like legs, his pure laugh, without a hint of trouble. I remember this moment as a time when the world was at peace with itself. It was a moment where we could sit there forever, splash water until our clothes were drenched, breath in the heat of the summer sun. But all good memories come to an end…

The author's comments:
Braydon is my 18 month year old son.

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