February 7, 2008
When we are born and the first breathe of air in gulps are lungs, we unknowing began our life. We are not given choices when we are young. We are programmed by are parents, family members, our environment, and society. Then we have to break out and find ourselves before we are sent out to the real world. When our hearts say to do something but the programming is against it we lose control. The wires in are brains may fry but once they are gone we are free to create a new us. People that are out spoken about things that are unspoken by society are the geniuses of the world. Why conform when you can make a new path untraveled. By writing and reading this I have just conformed to what the geniuses have began. Every way you look at it humans conform without even thinking about it. So life is just conformation of all living beings.

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