Teen stress= cutting

May 15, 2011
By cryforhelp95 GOLD, Nonw, Oregon
cryforhelp95 GOLD, Nonw, Oregon
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Could you imagine one night you are just sitting in your room, trying to do your homework, then you feel so stressed, and maybe there are things in your life that are going bad in your life, and the only thing laying next to you is a razor or something like a compass from math class, you pick it up press it hard against your skin and run it across the skin of either your arm or leg or something that wont kill you. Teenagers all over the world to this everyday, they do it due to peer pressure, stress and even things that are going on at home that they feel they have no control over they feel that sense they lost their control, they can use this as something that they can control. I am writing this for cutters and for people that have thought about cutting themselves trust me even though it may not seem like it talking helps a lot more then cutting it may not seem like it helps very may not seem like it at times but talking about problems that you are having is a lot better then cutting your self over something that you have no control over. Its also better to talk to someone instead of going out and doing something that might end up killing you. Thank you

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I have a friend who used to cut her self, she had to go to the hospital because when she cut her self the most recent time she almost hit and artery and it wouldn't stop bleeding, shes ok now but if there could have been something that i could have done back then than i would have tried anything to keep her from cutting. I love her to death and i would take a bullet for her and to know that she almost killed her self completely on accident i cant believe it.

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