In a loving Memory of Mark Owen Rounds

May 18, 2011
We are gathered here today to remember our son, our best friend, our brother, our father, our husband; Mark Owen Rounds, He was thirty-four when he took his own life away from everyone who loved him. He stood 6 feet tall and 5 inches, dark brown hair and blue eyes. Mark was always a loving father. He had five children, Lindsey, Lacey, Kyle, Sarah, Stacy. Mark was a blessed husband; He married Tammy Marie Johnson on a bright, beautiful sunny day in Everson WA in the back of Tammy’s mother Barbie and her father Robert’s backyard.
It’s been almost a week since when Tammy Marie Johnson received the news’s. The news broke Tammy’s heart. Tammy called the cops the day Mark didn’t come home after work that night. Tammy didn’t want to think about her husband being gone; she wanted him to be safe. Hours later Tammy got a knock on the door and the cop was standing there with Mark’s wedding ring, and a rose repeating himself, “I’m sorry Tammy, we found your husband. Mark is gone. “May he forever rest in peace.” Tammy stayed at her mother’s house for weeks and it led to month’s. She left her children at a family friend’s house until she was strong again.
Mark loved camping, spending time with his family, and having a good time and having a good laugh. Mark worked every night for his family. He wanted his family to have a life he never had. As a small child Mark’s life was very hard. His three brothers and his one sister had a hard time growing up, Mark’s mother passed away on Mark’s 10th birthday. Mark kept his head held high and promised himself, next time it will be better. After Mark’s mother died, his father became abusive always in and out of jail, telling Mark he wasn’t worth anything. Mark’s father loved his siblings. Once again that didn’t get Mark down. Mark was a small child, but his dreams were so big nobody could believe them.
Some people said Mark had his hands busy with five children, being a husband, working and trying to make his family happy. Some people said he was the guy who would make you feel good about yourself if you felt down. Mark was a brave man; he would die for his family. Mark met his wife Tammy on a blind date. Tammy would joke around and say “Mark will never be the father of my children.” “He’s not my type!” Mark thought something else, Mark was crazy about Tammy. Tammy’s green eyes and her wavy blonde hair. Tammy was a small girl from the east she was 5 foot 4 inches. After a couple more dates, Tammy and Mark were pregnant with their first daughter Sarah Marie.
Mark would never pick his favorite between his children, he loved all of his children the same. All of his children were 6 years apart, so he had a special bond with all of them, and made sure he was there for his children. Mark’s youngest; Stacy was 5 months old when he committed suicide, It’s been hard on all of the children, but they knew their daddy did the best for them. He will always love them.
Even the thought Mark passed away young, he will always be remembered. I know if Mark could say goodbye to us right now, he would want to make sure his children and his wife and lifelong friends know that Mark loved us no matter what happened. Mark just did the right thing for him, by taking his life away from us. Mark may be miles away from us. Or we feel like we can’t move on because of him dying or our hearts ache because we can’t ever hear his bright laugh again, but Mark is only one look away. Mark is with God, and God grabbed him for a reason.

Let’s love, always miss, and never forget. Mark Owen Rounds. Rest in Peace Mark Owen Rounds. You will always have a special place in our hearts, and we will never ever forget you!

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Sept. 30, 2011 at 9:36 am
I can't beileve i wrote this (:
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