why is life like this

February 4, 2008
why is life like this you loose and you gain, you deliver and recieve, but you're still not satified. you hate and love, oyu argue and make-up, but still have a feeling deep inside that something aint right. you firgive and forget, you regret and learn. but what do you get out of forgiving a person who once took you for granted.it doesn't make sence, it's all very confusing.each person has their own sets of rules, but not every person folllows them. so what's the point of loving a person if the next day they could die, whats the point of forgiving a person if they always lie, whats the point of hating a person if your making them cry, whats the point of learning if you know it's always a bunch of lies. how do you face reality, when your so use to facing fantasies. how do you face the world when all it causes is pain and misery. and so many much other things yet not explained and yet to be obtained. how would you explain to your kids the death of someone close, when all they picture is soomeone to hold. someone that they could never let go. so how could you sit there and look me in the eyes and tell me that life is a bunch of lies, when everyday you fulfill a mission and aquire something that you've bee missing.

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