Texting while driving

May 27, 2011
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I enjoy using my cell phone. I am not sure I can go without it for one day. It helps me keep connected with my parents, siblings, and friends. I am not able to see my brother that much, because he is away at college, so it helps me talk to him more often. However, I would never consider using my cell phone while driving. The law against texting and driving I strongly agree with.
In December of 2010, Wisconsin passed a no texting while driving law. So far, however, only four tickets have been issued in both Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties. One of the people was texting while driving was charged $188.
They charged him a too much when he was just texting while driving. I think that they should have only charged him $88. They would be able to stop people by giving them an $88 ticket. It is perfectly legal to read one, but you can’t text while driving. Some of the people who text while driving don’t even get caught, because it is hard to tell if they are texting or just placing a phone call or doing something else on his or her phone.
I wouldn’t text while driving because I don’t want to get caught and get a ticket.

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