May 26, 2011
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Avoidance of the inevitable, or what is commonly known as procrastination, is one of the hardest habits to break. The feeling of not having to wash the dishes after a long, hard day or saying I will start my horrible diet that seems fit for a small rodent next week, is rejuvenating . Procrastination is a gray area in life, as opposed to black and white. The reasons for procrastinating vary but usually it goes a little something like this.

Procrastinating in work is unavoidable for some. I can't help it if the promise I made to myself to work as soon as I got home just didn't compare to the new episode of True Blood. Why would I want to do work tonight anyway? It's not like I don't know how to get the work done; I can always get those assignments done later. The justifications and lies we tell ourselves about the work or activities that need to get done aren't exactly our fault; the causes of procrastination are really to blame.

Grand, old TV has always been there to show interests and news but behind all of its attraction it makes it hard to pick work over it. TV is a window to the soul, displaying the utmost entertainment and attraction for a variety of viewers. TV series are addictive and impossible to not avidly watch. The suspense of a new and thrilling new episode causes an essay to not get written. In other news, Quin cheated on Sam with Fin on Glee.

Food is also a fabulous source of fiber, iron, and procrastination. Moms use food as procrastination all the time. Why would a mom want to help Jimmy with his algebra, when she could just claim it's her job to make dinner. When stressed and worried about the work that needs to get done food is a good stress reliever. When home from a long day or when eyes lock on a succulent and appetizing chocolate bar, a blank page dedicated to procrastination is written later through smears of milky chocolate. Food doesn't exactly have to be in the same room for it to be a cause of procrastination. Day dreaming of food, or suddenly thinking that you are hungry when really you should be typing your English essay is even worse. Eggs and bacon, with lots of hash browns and a volcano of syrup over pancakes, dancing around in your head. The stomach grumbles and twists in knots and the mind dreams of food teasing and twirling around in a tormented mind. Oh man, I shouldn't have skipped breakfast.

Oh how friends keep me distracted. As they bicker over whether or not Sergio is in love with Brigitte, while I am trying to finish this essay! So instead of giving thoughts and facts on why people procrastinate, all I can tell you is Brigitte hates Valentines Day and Sergio apparently consecrated his love for Brigitte in a rose and Twizzlers and dropped it off in front of her house. What kind of guy leaves Twizzlers in front of a girl's house? It really is very creepy to just leave a card and rose in front of a girl's house especially a girl you don't go out with anymore! Okay I've got to stop procrastinating. To get to the point, friends can cause procrastination.

Other work can also result in procrastination. Typically, babysitting a screaming five year old or washing the dishes makes homework and projects avoidable. At least procrastinators practice prioritizing, it is a skill that can help you in life, and prioritizing will lead to fun. Not being able to hang out with cute Queen Creek guys and being stuck at home procrastinating because you can't stop thinking of what you could be doing, isn't fun and is a vicious cycle continues. I think I need to mess up my closet tonight, got a paper I should be finishing but all the ejects from my deep and philosophical mind are closets and guys.

Laziness sure is the real reason procrastination exists but there are causes for why procrastination continues. It's all the distractions in life that cause procrastination to be the way they are. Procrastinators are just victims in a lazy world.

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