January 23, 2008
Right now,even a poem cant describe how I feel about you.So I choose to write a letter letting you know how I feel.I figured that writing this down will relieve alot of stress.I care about you.I love everything about you.Im not trying to get all "lovey-dovey" and say I feel incomplete without.Instead, I feel as though I'll suffocate when you're near me.Everytime I see you, my heart skips a beat.No.More like six.Whn I see you with somebody else I get so jealous.I cant take being in the same room with you. I feel like Im losing my Im underwater and I need to get to the surface for air cuz I swear when Im around you I lose my breath.You are such a wonderful person and its crazy how no one seems to truly notice. How could anyone not notice you? Its hard not to. No doubt you are as unique as they come.Trying to forget about you is impossible.I miss you even more when you're close to me because you're not with me.When you pass by me, its like the world is no longer 3 demensional.The 3rd dimension falls away,then the 2nd.And all Im left with is one dimension.And that dimension is you.If you're not who I truly care about then love has a decoy.Its like happiness serves hardly any other purpose than to make unhappiness possible.

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