May 13, 2011
By Killabeezonaswarm BRONZE, Lawrence, Kansas
Killabeezonaswarm BRONZE, Lawrence, Kansas
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The way people heal and clean themselves usually involves bathing. Being revitalized by yourself isn’t that uncommon because I believe people do it everyday in the shower. The power of the shower hour, or at least how long normal people take them, cannot be matched by anything when you are feeling bad. It seems you can literally wash away what ever is on your mind with the warm soothing water. Most importantly the best thing about my shower is the privacy. I don’t want anyone invading my shower during my private revitalizing time. It is MY time and no one else’s and I hope that is how everyone this world feels.

The hot steam seems to clean and lift your spirit making you want to use up all of the hot water possible. Some people like to listen to music when they shower which by all means is cool, but I think the simple sounds of the of the water pounding down in the six foot radius is all the music I need. Music can be what you want it to be just as long as there is a follow able rhythm. The uplifting feelings, scents, sounds, sights, and even tastes gain from a shower can heal a problematic day into a simple and carefree day in a matter of fifteen minutes. That is what makes it magical.

There is such a thing called the healing power of water in which I believe greatly. A man by the name of Dr. Batmangheldij wrote a whole book on this stuff. One of the most important discoveries was that some common “diseases” caused by dehydration can be cured with water. Also, a lot of doctors use water-regulating antihistamines to alleviate pain, which could also be healed by a shower or a bath. Personally I think the power of the water comes through relaxation. Something about water restores vitality and strength in people who are feeling bad and depressed.

All the special little things are what add up to make the shower so pure and invigorating. From the uplifting part of getting in to the foggy mirror at the end it is all part of the ritual. The people who don’t shower a lot seem to be little less outgoing and friendly too. A shower wake you up pretty well in the morning and when you don’t you are just groggy and boring. It’s comparable to eating breakfast in the morning in matter of importance. Personally I take three showers a day because I just can’t get enough. The more time I spend in there the happier I get and the better smelling I get. And the times that I do shower is right before or after something important. For instance I like to shower before school because it wakes me up and prepares me. On the other hand I shower after soccer practice because it cleans me and settles me down. A shower can mean many many things you just have to choose what they are. It depends on the person and it differs from who you are. That is the power of replenishing and cleansing at its best. Whether it’s a shower or a bath you have to do it once a day.

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