May 22, 2011
By Bamfponcho BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
Bamfponcho BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
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Summer is the playground for every child’s imagination to run free and explore. It’s a time for children to adventure, imagine, and create; which is exactly what this story is about; an adventure that goes into the mind of every kid in the world.

Living at my grandfather’s house at the time with my two cousins, I had quite the adventures any ten year old needs; and plenty of imagination to go around. We once took pieces from everything from bicycles to vacuum cleaners and made a robot that we were sure it was going to rule the world; but only ended up falling to the ground. Then there was a time when we thought that all grasshoppers were evil and chopped their heads off with mouse traps. But this adventure, though similarly silly, is the one that stays fresh on my memories.

It started out like all adventures of children; we were going out on our grandfather’s land to look for alien space ships, or cave dwelling trolls. We had just entered the forest part of land and decided to take a different path than normal. We travelled a ways in not finding anything but trees, leaves and more trees before we found it. It was quite strange for such a structure to be out in the woods; especially woods that are inhabited by space aliens and trolls. What we found ourselves looking at was an old barn. This was no ordinary barn though; a massive two story barn that had a loft, red doors, and hay to go with it. After a little more exploration of its perimeter, and we found out that the other side of the barn was one of the biggest downward hill slopes we had ever set eyes on. The perfect hill for riding our bikes down or sitting in wagons or tires (which we later figured out wasn’t so safe). We were amazed. We had finally found a place where we could go to be secret and have tons of new adventures. We immediately ran back to the house and grabbed our bicycles and supplies to put some style in our new hangout. We put up signs, created intricate lights and pulley systems, and even added a ramp at the bottom of the hill, which was later named “death canyon,” for extreme jumps. We spent our entire summer in our new club house mapping adventures and searching for those aliens and trolls. In our world nothing mattered but having fun. No adventure was boring and no discovery was forgotten. The day we found the old forest barn is the day our summer memories were unforgettable.

The author's comments:
This is one of my fondest memories.

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