January 27, 2008
What is that noise?
Could it be from the repressed twentieth century Banana Republics, whispering on our oceans for liberation?
Or can it be the spiteful, pure joy that comes out of the mid-day talk show host's voice? As society, what do we crave as both individuals and as a community? In my years of consciousness, I've depicted our true affection to sound. Our mother's coo and our father's praise which filled us with such comfort, as for us to feel as sense of sincere bliss. And to this point in time, I still feel relieved when I hear the sound of the weatherman: calling for a snow-day. In thought, I say our contentment lays deep within the void of thought, in a slight angelic Jingle. May it be godsend or even just the gift we are born with, I thank my jingle: The Chime of sanity. Each day gives an ounce of inspiration. Thank you Jingle.

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