A Parade of Tornadoes

May 12, 2011
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Within the blink of an eye, your whole world turns upside down. Down in the southern states hundreds were lost in this tragedy. Over 178 tornadoes swept through the south during the week of April 27th. Many lost not only their homes but loved ones too.
The town of Tuscaloosa, Alabama has a shocking number of 41 fatalities and still counting. These tornadoes were the worst thing that has happened to the U.S. in years. Tuscaloosa has been hit the hardest and had the most killed.
During the tornadoes people say they were trapped and when they got out of their hiding places they saw the damage that was done, homes were blown away, debris was everywhere, people were walking around looking for personal belongings and their family and friends. No one has ever seen anything like this before.
With Tuscaloosa having the most fatalities there were still many more that died in this tragedy, over 226 lives were taken, and many more are still searching for family and friends.

The aftermath is the worst. Houses, churches, graveyards, even hospitals were tore apart like it was a doll house. People have lost everything, and it will take many years to put these towns that were tore up, back together again, this is not a day’s work , its across several states and they all were hit just as hard with the same amount of damage, damage that in some parts may never be back to normal again.
The University of Alabama was closed down for a couple of days to make sure all the tornadoes have passed before they take even more lives. Over 2,000 volunteers lined up on April 29th to help with the cleanup and provide simple goods, such as food, shampoo, soap etc. to tornado victims.
So many people are suffering getting new homes, and paying for the damage, buying stuff as simple as groceries are hard on people because of everything else they have to buy, like a new house if it was wrecked during the tornadoes, so all we can do is help and make sure they are getting the treatment that the victims deserve.

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f1ndmycure2013 said...
Aug. 3, 2011 at 3:57 pm
Great article! Tuscaloosa and surrounding areas are STILL trying to regrow. Some places, still suffering. Thank you for posting this, it's great.
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