January 24, 2008
By Briana Johnson, Duncanville, TX

In the heart of a soul you will find some repercussions, things that hold you back, but you have to stay devoted. Quitting isn’t an option, but in the vocabulary of a person, they don’t realize the affect of a word that seems to them as nothing. But what is perceived in the mind takes a huge effect on the heart whatever goal wanted to be attained will end up in a large fault. Some say once a person decides on doing something that is the thing they will do, but not thinking about the people that surround them and do what they think is true. Motivation can come in a bad or good appeal, when someone has no one the first thing that comes to them is getting with someone that knows they are real. The real side of it isn’t that they want something real, but wanting to be understood and fostered in the subject of surreal. What is the real problem they face? Well, motivation is not with them which gives them a pointless map without any reference to trace. Motivation can come in a bad or good appeal, but it’s your choice to choose what you believe is real.

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