Jane Eyre and Ever After

May 11, 2011
Jane and Danielle have many things in common. Jane and Danielle both have cruel step-mothers, they both are betrayed by the ones they love the most, but in the end they both forgive their loved ones.

In Jane Eyre, Jane lives with her aunt Miss. Reed, who despite the promise she gives her late husband, treats Jane as if she wished Jane was never born, “-I wish she had died! (Jane Eyre 248)” In Ever After Danielle lives with her widowed step-mother, the Baroness. The Baroness moved Danielle down from nobility and placed her as a servant in her house hold. When Danielle asks why the Baroness never treated with love, as that is the only thing she ever wanted, the Baroness replies with, “How can any one ever love a pebble in their shoe?”

Despite not having anyone to show Jane how to love she finds love in Mr. Rochester. When they are about to get married Jane finds out that Mr. Rochester has another wife, she does not believe this until he says it him self, “…I have been married, and the women to whom I was married lives! (Jane Eyre 314)” Jane soon after runs away because of this betrayal. Danielle is a servant and the one she loves is Henry, a prince, who does not know that she as servant. When she is at the ball with Henry, Danielle’s step-mother tells Henry that she is a servant. Henry then humiliates her when she try’s to call him Henry, witch before then she was allowed to do. Danielle is sold to a man by her step-mother as a result.

Jane gives up her life after she runs away any to be recued by another man who then teaches to live again. After some years Jane goes back to see Mr. Rochester, to find my blind and alone. After Mr. Rochester and Jane talk for awhile she tells him, “… my dear master; you shall not be left desolate, so long as I live. (Jane Eyre 473)” soon after that Mr. Rochester and Jane get married. In Ever After there is a similar ending; Danielle is running away from her new master, when she finds Henry at the gate. Henry talks to Danielle talking about how silly he was to think he could live with out her, and the only thing Danielle wants is for him to say her real name.

In both Jane Eyre and Ever After the main characters face hard ships along their way, but in the end the main characters find away to forgive the ones that betrayed them. They both are like a “Cinderella” story, cruel mother figures and finding love in the end.

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