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May 10, 2011
By Wilson-Betts BRONZE, Wilsonville,
Wilson-Betts BRONZE, Wilsonville,
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At any given moment, there are 900,000 to 3.5 million homeless in the world. Something that doesn’t help this situation is that some places don’t allow people an opportunity to help the homeless. Some cities like that are Orlando, Dallas, Las Vegas, and N.C. These cities make people have to get a permit to be able to give food, clothing, or anything to the homeless. If people don’t follow these rules, then they can be fined up to $2,000 dollars. The law is in place, so that the number of homeless decreases, and people don’t see the homeless on the street when they see their city. I think this law discourages people to want to help homeless, because I don’t know if many people are willing to go through the time to get a permit. “They think that by not feeding people, it will make the homeless people leave.” (Cities set limits on serving food to homeless people).

I think that one solution for the homeless problem would be to set up and open schools for the homeless, for adults and kids also. So they can have an opportunity to get an education and be able to get a job, and of course, have a good future. A reason to have a school just for them is because their self-esteem seems to go down when they go to regular schools, because non homeless kids tend to make fun of them; because they might wear the same thing every day, or they might not do very well in school.
Meanwhile, there are already a few homeless schools already up and running. The first homeless-only school opened in Utah in 1984. Now there are 40 similar type schools in the United States. Another example of one is the Thomas J. Pappas School. This helps students, but what is more important, it provides the children with meals, clean clothes, medical attention, school supplies, and daily transportation. The reason they can afford this, is because of the Homeless Assistance Act, that was passed in 1987. The law grants extra services for homeless children. “Homeless-only schools provide a safe and comfortable environment in which homeless students are surrounded by others who face similar emotional and economic struggles…” “[The article was called: Debate Weighs Merit of Schools for Homeless: Considering Whether Separate is Equal as Well”).
A way to help homeless would be to make homeless shelters better, we should provide the homeless with the things they need, like medical help. They need it, since they don’t, and they also can’t afford to have healthcare. According to some homeless, shelters are not in very good conditions. Some homeless people dislike shelters so much that they would rather sleep and be on the street than stay in a homeless shelter. “Patrice, a homeless man in his 50’s who sits daily next to a supermarket near the Eiffel Tower with his cap in front of him, told IPS that he disliked the shelters, and preferred to stay outdoors.” “[Homeless Prefer Streets to Government Shelter).
In conclusion people should be helped to be taken off the streets and be taken into a shelter or a home. They should be given an option and an opportunity to have an education, by going to homeless only schools. Something that we should also do, is improve homeless shelters. They should be more enjoyable to be in than the streets. We should help people not be homeless anymore, so they can then feel like they have someplace to go. I think that would be a good start to end homelessness, because if we make the shelters better than they are now, they might want to stay there, instead of the streets.

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this talks about how we can do to try to end homelessness.

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