Goodnight Tony

April 9, 2008
It's strange, to know that somebody who I laughed with and cried with, somebody that I stayed up with until all hours of the night just talking about anything that was on our minds, somebody I shared two years of my life with, could be gone in a moment. Now and then you hear a song on the radio that tells the very same story, and it touches you and it moves you but you never once believe that it could happen to you. It can't be possible that you could be forced to know the same emotions that the writer felt while he put them into words. And then all of your security comes falling down.

He passed away this Monday. I hadn't spoken to him in months. I only wish that I could've made things better between us, and I regret that I never got to say goodbye. I feel so numb, I can't even cry for him... it's as though I'm in a dream.

Life is too short, and I want everyone who's been in or out of my life to know that whether the last time we exchanged a word was last night, two weeks ago, or years ago, you made a difference in my life. Some of us have changed for better or for worse, some of us have slowly drifted apart, and some of us have been there for each other through everything. So many people have been through my life, and I value every face, each single memory, because without them I don't know who I'd be right now.

Live fast, love hard, and cherish every memory because you never know when they will be all that's left. There's no point in wasting valuable days of your life on hate and grudges.

Goodnight, Tony. I hope you finally found what you were looking for.

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