Grown Up Isn't Great

April 9, 2008
By Carmen Inman, Mexia, TX

Growing up = reponsability! Too much, I think. When I turned 16 this year I was anxious to get a job, earn money, and buy a car all while juggling school duties. I really fooled myself, thinking it would be simple. The day I stepped into the small conference room of a local grocery store was the day I grew up.
Yay! I got the call. So excited I ran to my mom, hugged her, and screamed " I have an interview!" I have waited, for what felt like, and eternity for this oppurtunity to come. I started to study and ask people questions about what to say and do in an interview. I even went shopping for the perfect outfit. After strenuous preperation, I felt ready to face the music, and knock 'em dead!

Clad in my beautiful, frilly frock and slacks, I entered the busy building. I met with the administrador that was in charge of the interviews and applications. She told me to follow her where I found myself in a room with 5 or 6 people. A GROUP INTERVIEW? NO WAY! This is where my cool, confident physic melted away and sweat and panic set in. I had no idea I would be speaking an interacting with all of these people. I sat down and waited, watching more people flood into the cramped room. Young, old, and middle aged; such a variety to be applying for one job.
Finally we got down to business. One by one we introduced our selves and explained why we wanted to work at that particular store. Time seemed to fly by with all of the questions and answers wizzing through my head. Walking out I felt a lack of confidence and a doubt that I wasn't going to get the job. If only my unwanted wish of not getting hired would have come true.
The telephone rings. I got the job! It's an awesome feeling to know your wanted for the skills and personailty you pertain. Customer Service Rep. was my title. I thought it sounded pretty professional and sophisticated for a grocery store. My first day wasn't hard, but once I got familiar with how everything worked, the more I worked.
So here I am. Working 30 hours a week while loaded with home work. Big projects seem to cluster all at once and my mind is constantly thinking about the next days or weeks ahead. Although I wanted to go through the interview process and get hired, I didn't realize how difficult it would be to grow up. Now I know that thinking you are ready for the next step in life doesn't mean you are.

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