The Path Chosen

April 9, 2008
By Ryan Fite, Mexia, TX

As I'm becoming older I've realized the world wants me to change it. The only option life has given me is how to change the world. I had to search for that one thing that I could excel in. To discover what key will unlock this chain I would have to look harder at my intrests. I think I found it and it is journalism.
At first I wasn't sure if journalism was for me, but I had to give it a chance. I decided to try the U.I.L. journalism team at school.I attended a meeting and I was confused. I thought journalism was journalism. I never knew there was so many rules.Since I'm not a quitter I learned the rules. After a while I got the hang of it. Writing became easier and easier as I practiced diligently.
I began to compete against other with the same love at U.I.L. meets. Being a freshman made me not focus mainly on winning, but fixing my mistakes and improving my work. At my second U.I.L. meet in Fairfield I actually placed in an event. Hearing my name being spoken on the announcements gave me such inspiration to continue. When I went to College Station I was shocked. There were so many schools in attendence that there was no way a person's personal space could not be invaded. I didn't let that get in my way though. Out of twenty-three schools I finished with sixth place in Feauture Writing.
Next was the district U.I.L. meet. I was ready to write. I competed in all of the journalism events because I performed well previously. The next week my teacher smiled like never before when I walked through the door. Somehow I received fourth place in Feauture Writing and sixth place in News Writing. This gave me all the information I needed to know.
Well I think I've found that piece to the puzzle, and faster than I ever expected. I want to actually go farther than a journalist though. I want to be a broadcast-journalist. The news desk is my goal to get to. Hopefully, the world can watch me change it on their television at ten o'clock.

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