The Way to My Success

April 9, 2008
By Kyle Vest, Mexia, TX

Going through high school I myself have made many new friends. The thing with making new friends is, you always either seem to become more like that friend, or you forget that friend altogether and make new friends. In my journey from Junior High to High School I have changed drastically. The once shy, occasionally outgoing, afraid to speak his mind kid became the random, always outgoing, very blunt kid who is not afraid to speak his mind. In hindsight though, I can see how making new friendships and ending old ones has “made all of the difference” in my life.

One of my closest friends I have had for only about four years. Ever since then we have been more of brother and sister. With her living just houses down the street from me it just made it even more convenient to become close to her. For about two years we consistently hung out with each other. The only conflicts that ever arose between us were just as what brothers and sisters would fight over such as: seeing each other too much, and our conflicting personalities. The good thing is, as the years went on we began to develop more similar personalities that did not conflict as much. This, in turn, is the reason for our great friendship.

One of my other friends is the most random, off the wall person you will ever meet. We did not become close friends until this year. Last year in Junior High we hated each other with a passion. What brought us together though was how we were both very close friends with the same person. In the past summer we both started hanging out because we found ourselves involved in the same activities and after awhile I started to become more and more like her. I was no longer afraid to speak my mind to people because of what other people might think of me.
From then on, few people’s opinion about me mattered. The way I saw it was “We’re all so afraid to live the life we want just because of how we might be viewed by someone else”. I realized that for the majority of my life I feared what people thought of me when they probably felt the same way. By following this quote I found a more relaxing sort of lifestyle for myself. This helped me improve much more in school and even in Theatre.

I could see how by fearing what people thought about me I held back in Theatre and didn’t give my best because “that person” might laugh at me for giving it my all. After I started to not care what some person might think about me for giving it my all and going after what I really wanted I began to succeed.

In hindsight I am very happy that I have changed. I’m also happy that my friends accepted it because they know the person I am today and respect me for it. So maybe change isn’t for you. But for me, change “has made all the difference”.

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