The Violin

April 8, 2008
By Grayson Edwards, Mexia, TX

It was about 3a.m. on a Saturday morning when I arrived home from a Friday night outing with my friends. I sat down on my bed, which was covered in a soft velvety blanket of darkness. My first thoughts were, “man that was fun,” exhausted I lay back and felt a sharp stabbing pain in my back.
As I recovered from the stab, I slowly turned to my nightstand and turned on a chrome lamp that released a soft luminous glow into the room. After my eyes adjusted to the newly acquired radiance in the room that danced off every one of my walls, I turned to look at what had stabbed me in the back, my remote. I removed it, and turning off the light I pulled my comforter over me and heard something thud against the wall.
At this point, I was pretty mad, because of my many futile attempts at gaining a few hours of sleep before possibly being awoken. I rolled back over and said to myself that I would deal with it in the morning, but I lay in bed consumed by wonder and my mind began to run wild with ideas of the countless possibilities of what it could be. Finally, unable to deter the urge to look, I did just that, I looked. Frankly, I did not see anything at first, and then once the light was on again, I saw it. It was a box, but not just any box, and no it wasn’t magical, it was a brown box that had perfect lines of symmetry and in the top corner a shipping label.
To unveil the masked perpetrator I opened my pocketknife and with precision as precise as a surgeon, I sliced through the tape. As I opened the box foam peanuts spewed forth like guts out of a beast, and I saw a case, a blue case. The peanuts continued to fall out as I removed the blue case, and just out of curiosity, I looked at the return address, which read: Premier Violins. Once I saw the case, the fuse was lit and by the time, I had the violin in my hands the bomb went off, in my mind of course.
It was here, my violin that I had been waiting on for months was finally here. It had a beautiful glow that was obviously enhanced by my lack of sleep and the radiant lamp that was shining on it, nevertheless I was once again consumed, but this time it was by awe rather than theories that were sleep induced. I wanted to stand up and tell the world about it, but it was now 4 a.m., and my eyelids were heavily laden with much needed sleep. The next afternoon when I awoke I began to play with it. Then after I lost interest I submitted it to rest in it’s case for the next 3 months.
As it hung on my bedroom wall it seemed to call out “play me” so I opened the case. To my surprise my bridge was uneven, to those who don’t know a bridge is a thin piece of balsa wood that upholds the strings. As I attempted to realign the bridge, it completely broke away from the base of which it was connected. So just like that, your life can change; you can transition from a state of bliss to shattered balsa wood on your acid stained floor in a matter of months or seconds. LIFE COMES AT YOU FAST BE PREPARED.

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