April 7, 2008
By Amanda Keller, Littleton, CO

Have you ever been walking up the stairs at school in a large group and there's some kids in front of you with a huge back pack that is right in your face making you feel like you are about to fall backwards? That was my biggest pet peeve. It happens to everybody and nobody likes it. I had always thought why do people carry around such huge backpacks like that, we have lockers right?

Until last month, as usual I was walking up the stairs from my French class and there was some kid in front of me with a humungous back pack. I almost wanted to push him, then I realized that it was in fact somebody I was good friends with. Which made me think, maybe all these kids have a good reason for carrying around huge back packs, I have no reason to dislike them, just because of their large slightly obnoxious back packs.

After that I began to think, about how much we judge other people not just based on their back packs, their faces, their weight, anything. Everyone judges people even if you say you don't, you do. I try not to, but I know I still do. I realize that sometime it isn't your fault for the way you act. Sometimes kids are raised that way and that is the only way they know how to act, it's not their fault even if they are annoying. Sometimes kids have real problems that most of us won't ever have to deal with, and most of the time those problems effect how they act, how they dress, and everything about them, so if everybody stopped making fun of people because they are different, the people with real problems have a lot less to worry about. Maybe if we didn't all judge everyone there would be a lot less problems and a lot less counselors would be needed.

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