Mystery Moments

April 7, 2008
They are the unexplainable moments, the one’s you never see coming. We all know that every mystery leads to questions and mystery moments lead to the deepest ones of all. Why me? How could something so horrible or wonderful happen to me? All of us have experienced one of these in our lifetime. Unfortunately I’ve experienced quite a few. I remember one moment like it had happened just yesterday.
The day was ending like any normal day, we had just clenched victory in yet another softball game and we were happily celebrating. My dad, though I hadn’t realized it at the time, had already departed to go watch my brother’s baseball game and he arranged for me to ride with one of the mothers on our softball team. When it was time to leave, another parent said she was going to the same game my sister and I were going to and that she’d be happy to give us a ride. Plus, one of my sister’s friends happened to be her daughter.
After arriving at the baseball game, my sister began swinging on a fence that had no wire in the middle. I offered to push her and she immediately agreed seeing as it would be more fun for her. After I had been pushing her for a while her friend came over and started to swing and I assumed she would want to be pushed as well.
Mystery moment. As I was pushing her she slipped off and fell to the ground. In the next moment I asked myself a thousand questions. The two that stick in my mind and I’m reminded of every time I see her is, “Did she ask me to stop or say no (don’t push) before she fell?” It’s almost as if my mind doesn’t want me to remember. On one side if she had said stop would it be more pain than I could handle, and on the other side if she hadn’t said stop would I not have learned the ultimate value of being careful. Also, “How would my life be different if I had just stuck with the original plan and rode with the other mother?”
She was rushed to the hospital, and even though she had been knocked unconscious, she had only broken her wrist. I didn’t sleep for many nights. I was kept up by my haunting mystery moment.
Since then I keep the motto, this was given to me for a reason, I was chosen for a reason, my parents picked this person for a reason, so I’m not going to change it, swap it, decline it, or go against it. If that means I’m to have many mystery moments in my life, then so be it. I just pray I’m given the strength to overcome them or embrace them.

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