Once In A Lifetime

April 6, 2008
It was the year of 2005, eighth grade in other words. I had met this one guy in the year before, seventh grade for those who didn’t catch on, and I didn’t really meet him and actually talk to him much until I was in eighth grade. At first when he talked to me I thought “Oh, wow. This guy is a complete loser. I can’t believe he’s actually talking to me.” Yet then I actually get to know him and then I think, “Man, I am so glad he came and talked to me last year.” Sometimes first impressions aren’t always the most accurate ones. So the year goes on, and we start to hang out a lot more. And I find out that my best friend is practically his sister! What a coincidence right? I couldn’t believe how much I was actually enjoying being around this guy. I mean the classes I didn’t have with him, which was practically all of them, sometimes he’s all I thought about and I had no clue why. So finally I talked to my best friend about it and she said that I was in love. At first I’m thinking there’s no way, I’m only fourteen years old, how can that be possible? So I just ignore it and try not to think about it. Months go by and we still haven’t said a think to each other then he goes and asks me to be his girlfriend. I am so bewildered that it takes me the entire day, with an entire lunch period talking about it to my best friend, until I give him an answer.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. The conversation with my best friend was about all kinds of things. She was telling me that I should just say yes and take that chance to be with the person that she knew that I wanted to be with and just give it a shot. And she was right, because little did I know; I would never get that chance ever again. Then she went on to tell me what a great guy he is, so at the end of the day I gave him his answer, a yes.

We were together for a while until one day it just didn’t seem right. I have no clue what it was but it just didn’t work, so I told him that it was over. A couple days after that I heard “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by the A*Teens and it said exactly what I was thinking. We did rush into things, and like the song says, it didn’t work. “Only fools rush in” and that’s exactly what we did, but we thought that maybe it would work again later on, so we waited.

Freshman year, we tried it again, and we found out that we still felt it, but still something wasn’t right. To this day I have no idea what that thing is. Some things are meant to be but maybe that thing is just us being really good friends, and I’m okay with that. “Your first love never really dies” I don’t know who wrote that but I just recently found it and I know, from experience, that it is completely the truth. Everyone, I think, should always remember their first love because it was probably one of the happiest times in your life.

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