Days at the Boys and Girls Club

April 3, 2008
Can you think of the best time of your life? I can, for me it was when I started to go to the Boys and Girls club everyday after school. The Boys and Girls club is a place were parents drop their kids off and if you were in the daycare center(like me) then you get fed and do a lot of cool stuff but it does cost $250 every month per child.. Despite that my experience at the Boys and Girls club is one that I would always remember and won’t forget. It was here that I got my legendary nickname: Drunky.

Let’s start from the beginning. Before I went to the Boys and Girls club I was so shy and I never spoke more than I had too. That’s not the case any more. When I started going to the club, everything changed. I started talking more and laughing at the stupidest things. I started making a bunch of friends that I still have today. The club changed my life, it made me into a much more happy and social person.

One day in the middle of spring two volunteers Josh and Mathew, my brother Anthony, my friend Amber and I went to pick up some kids at a park. The kids get dropped off at a park and we pick them up and we walk them back to the club. It was a perfect day with a bright blue sky, the sound of cars going by on the streets and the perfect Chicago breeze that you only get once or twice a year. The temperature was just right, not too hot and not too cold. Yep it was a beautiful day and I wanted to make the most of it.

The walk to the park was uneventful except when Amber throw up her vanilla ice-cream she had earlier that day. She was lactose intolerant so she wasn’t even allowed to eat ice-cream, it didn’t come as a surprise that she threw it right back up. After that we continued our walk and made it to the park. We started to play in the playground because the bus didn’t come yet. We all went to those spinning tires that one person sits on and then someone else spins you. Anthony and Amber went on first then, it was my turn.
I positioned my self on the wheel and wrapped my arms around the handle. Then I braced myself. The volunteers then started spinning me and everything became distort of colors. My hair flew everywhere, my head was being push back by the wind and I started to yell for joy. The wheel stopped spinning and started to slow down. Once it stopped I tried to stand but it felt as if the ground disappeared right from under me and I was falling to nothing. I was so dizzy and everything was spinning so I decided to close my eyes until everything resettled. When I opened my eyes I was sprawled out on the ground with everyone looking down at me with wicked grins.
“Ha, she looked like she was drunk”, Josh said as he helped me up.
“Yeah, it was so funny.” Mathew said “You should have seen yourself Amanda, I have never seen someone look so crazy in my life” Everyone laughed and agreed.
When the bus finally came they told the kids everything. Soon after it spread like wild fire, everyone started calling me Drunky. It actually fit because I sometimes did act like I was drunk. It may sound weird but it’s true and I take pride in my nickname even if some people think it’s dumb. Till this day people still call me that and I love it. Nothing’s better then having another name that you can call your own. You know what they say, sometimes the best things come as accidents and that sure was true in this case.

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