A Memory that will Last Forever

April 3, 2008
Fifth grade-I remember it like it was yesterday; so many memories flood into mind with just those 2 words mentioned. With amazing friends and an amazing school year, I didn’t think anything could go wrong. I would be going into middle school the next year, make new friends, and become “independent” as all the teachers told me.
Fifth grade had some exciting times for me. I had an absolutely amazing teacher, Ms. Thompson, who always had faith and supported me in everything I did. Since it was only elementary school, I had her for all my classes which was something I was ecstatic about. Ms. Thompson was so innovative. She always had fun project ideas and activities to do in her class. Our class appreciated her so much that we even threw her 3 surprise parties during the year for being such an incredible teacher.
My friends and I were becoming closer than ever. My best friends Ashley and Nichole were inseparable. We were like three peas in a pod and were also known as the “blonde, brunette, and the redhead” since those were our hair colors. By the end of the year I was friends with most of the people in my grade, but when I found out I was some “amazing” news, my happiness simmered down to ashes.
A few years before fifth grade, my parents wanted to move and find a bigger house. Of course, my siblings and I protested against that and saying that we can’t leave in the middle of elementary school or middle school. We all agreed that once I reached fifth grade we would move. A few years passed and there was no talk of moving and I was relieved with happiness. But when my parents called our whole family for a “family discussion”, a dark cloud rained on my parade. My parents told us that they were looking for a new house to live in. It was mostly my brother, sister, and dad who wanted to move because they wanted more space. My mom and I, however, were perfectly content living in our average size home. But as always, the three of them outvoted us and we were on the journey to find a new house.
Every house we looked at made me sad to think of the possibility of moving and leaving my friends. No matter which house we were at, I always tried to point out the bad things in it so we wouldn’t have to move. It worked for a few months actually until my mom saw the house that we are living in now. When we looked at it, I though it was uglier than all the houses we looked at before. I didn’t like one thing about it. When I found out my parents made a bid I was crying hysterically. I never thought we would actually move! There had always been the talk but no house seemed perfect enough.
When we actually ended up buying the house, I was a wreck. For those past few weeks I remember that I always cried and prayed that something would happen where we wouldn’t end up moving. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. When we actually moved into our house I was still crying. Everything was so unfamiliar to me and I hated it. It took me a while to adjust to the new changes. Change is something I am never good with.
When I left, my best friends threw a surprise party for me with all of my six closest friends. They made a gift for me of a picture in a photo scrapbook frame of all six of use having fun together. They decorated it beautifully and even to this day, I still have it in my room in a special spot. I’m still best friends with Ashley, Nichole, and some other of my friends. We don’t see each other often, but it’s better than not seeing each other at all. Ashley and Nichole, though, are the people I’ve stayed closest with. Knowing Ashley for eight years and Nichole for six years, really helped me create a good bond with them.
Though I am content about where I live now, I can’t help but let my mind meander the thoughts about what it would be like if I still lived in my old town. I lived there for 10 years, and when I moved it felt like I was leaving part of me behind. That town is my past and no matter where I move next, it’ll stay in my heart forever. Even if I moved ten minutes away, it’s sad to leave the people and things you grew up with. I will never forget the experiences I had there, or the people.

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